Sourcing pelagic fish- Consumer

Knowing what to look for when buying Irish brown crab will ensure you get the best quality product.

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Due to the high oil levels in mackerel and herring, they should be consumed soon after catching or in a product format such as smoked. Horse mackerel and blue whiting are unlikely to be found on your local fish counter, however if you lived in Japan or Russia, these would be part of your regular fish diet.

Mackerel has a brownish oil rich meat, with a medium sized flake. It has a distinct flavour so it lends itself to simple preparation. The skin will crisp up when fried or grilled.

Herring has a savoury, rich and salty flavour with a creamy coloured meat and small flakes. Like mackerel, they are rich in oils. They were traditionally salted, dried or smoked to make kippers. The bones can be trimmed off or kept on the fillet as they are soft and edible. Herring roe can sometimes be found in a whole herring, and are full of flavour.

Horse mackerel are close to mackerel in taste, but with a less oil rich flesh. With its slighter firmer skin, its perfect for the barbeque.

Blue whiting is a member of the Gadidae Family, which also contains cod, haddock and Pollock. It has a white flaky fillet, a low oil content and a mild flavour making it very versatile.